Research indicated that millennials, those born after 1984 are tough to manage and lack focus.

Some of the stated reasons for this are that they were raised up being told that they are special and can get anything they want in life.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have enabled this generation to put filters on real life, and pretend that all of life is amazing, even when they are depressed.

However, using mobile phones releases a chemical called dopamine, and that is why when you receive a text message, you feel good. We all have that moment in life when you have had a real bad day and an instant message from a random person just alters the course of your mood.

So we constantly check our social media accounts to find out why we are being unfriended, which can be traumatizing

for a young person when get a like, you hit a high.

Dopamine is the same chemical responsible for reactions to elicit drugs, tobacco and gambling. this means that it is highly addictive. We have age restrictions on smoking, drinking and gambling but none for social media and phone usage.

Due to addiction by teenagers to these vices, we have more people who are not able to maintain meaningful relationships. When stress comes into our lives we find ourselves resorting to a vice and social media, rather than a person.

Deep, meaningful relationships are not present because millennials never develop the skill set for that.

Finally, research suggests that people who spend a lot of time on Facebook suffer higher rates of depression than those who do not. So use your smartphone wisely.

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