The broken window theory and fighting corruption in Uganda

By Paul Wembabazi

By Clare cheromoi Seven months ago, while attending the international anti-corruption day conference in Kampala, organized by the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG), I noticed that two concerns monopolized the debate. One was that the fight against corruption has stagnated over the years; and two, that government action against corruption seems to be targeting the small fish only. The issue of targeting the so-called small fish in the corruption fight has been the focus of study and debate by many scholars, politicians and civil society organizations, all…

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New public service dress code a blessing

BY CONNIE MUSISI The recently issued public service dress code made my colleagues and i extremely happy! In the past week I witnessed a scuffle between a student and the security personnel. The truth is that the student was skimpily dressed and was on the erroneous side of the law, which is unlike instances where the security personnel are to blame and act heartlessly to an extent. On being denied entry to the university premises, she snubbed the security personnel and actually abused them in my presence. She said they…

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WhatsApp groups can achieve more

BY ALEX TAREMWA Motie Musiime, a former classmate, shared a snapshot from Facebook to the mass communication class of 2010/13 whatsapp group. It was the birthday of Joan Ankunda, a classmate who had passed on earlier in the month. The group, which is a little over a month old, suddenly exploded with RIP messages, most of which were from people who did not know the deceased too well. I was going to have none of it! I quickly swung the group into another discussion direction. I suggested that rather than…

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Save mother, baby over the phone


BY DICKSON TUMURAMYE In Uganda, it is estimated that 16 mothers die daily due to pregnancy- related complications. Comparatively, in Canada it is 16 a year! Many factors lead to this, but nearly all of these deaths are preventable. The maternal deaths do not segregate among the rich or poor, educated or not. Recently, the Iganga District Woman MP Grace Hailat Kaudha Magumba, 31 years old, tragically succumbed to severe preeclampsia. Save-the-Mothers, a UCU programme, trains and works with professionals from all sectors to end maternal mortality in Uganda. The…

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