Think tanks are vital for Africa’s growth and thought process

NICHOLAS  OPOLOT Recently, Uganda Christian University unveiled one of its first public think tanks, the Africa Policy Centre (APC). This is of great importance to this nation since think tanks such as APC serve a critical role as knowledge centres. Today many think tanks suffer from extinction with Uganda accounting for only 27 of them across the country. Why are they dying out? Are we maximizing their full potential? Do we understand what think tanks mean to our future? Dr.  James Magara – a leading philosopher on think tanks adds…

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A city worthy coming back to

Mutto (third right) and a group of friends meet at Fort Jesus Mombasa

5th June 2018 – Three things strike me when I arrive in Nairobi; First, the hustle, as in business and huge billboards and a heart of commerce. I’m also struck by the traffic and rust-colored dust, making breathing difficult. And there’s no escaping the chasm between wealth and poverty, between the manicured lawns of Karen and Muthaiga and, a world away, the rutted tracks and refuse of Mathare and Kibera, the city’s two largest slums. Wealth disparity isn’t Nairobi’s only contradiction. Visually, the city is unusual: a huge national park…

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Drugs that poison our neighbourhood

  BY TEZRA KISAKYE Elias Mugabe, a resident of Kawuga-Mukono, spends the better part of his day chewing mairungi- a common narcotic drug leaf. For the last five years, mairungi, internationally known as khat, has been his breakfast because it helps him beat hunger and stay awake. Indeed, looking beneath his ripped, pale blue jeans, I see a bunch of the leaves ready for chewing. Drug users display signs of increased alertness, excitement, energy, talkativeness, decreased appetite and difficulty in sleeping. Health expert Henry Mukiibi from Serenity rehabilitation centre believes…

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