2,060 new students have been admitted

By Staff Writer

A total of 2,060 new students both in Kampala and the Main Campus have been admitted this Advent Semester that kicked off on August 30.

Of these, 1,700 undergraduates were admitted at Mukono campus while 300 were for Kampala campus. Sixty students were for post-graduate studies. Four thousand three hundred are continuing students for both campuses.

Even though there has not been a significant rise in the number of new students as  compared to last year’s Advent Semester, there has been a slight decrease in the number of continuing students registered for the semester.

Christa Kyomya Oluka, the admissions manager, says the decrease has been due to the transfer of the Business students from the Advent Semester to the Easter and Trinity semesters.

“We transferred the Business students to January-May because we wanted to de-congest September in order to optimize the space usage. However, since most new students target September, we retained the first years to register in Advent but continue in January and May,” she said.


On the September 21, these new students were inducted at Nkoyoyo Hall, Mukono Campus and Kampala Campus respectively during community hour.

It was presided over by  Dr John Senyonyi, the vice chancellor, assisted by Prof Elizabeth Bachwayo, the dean of Postgraduate Studies, who represented the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr Benon Musinguzi  and Mrs Anny Katabazi, deputy vice chancellor Finance.

The deans from the different faculties, that is, Law, Business and Administration, Education and Arts, Health Sciences, Science and Technology, Social Sciences and the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology, presented their new entrants  for induction.

Despite the refusal of some students to stand up when called upon, Dr Senyonyi, in the spirit of the university motto, “Alpha and Omega,” swore  them into obedience to the rules and regulations of the university.

Under oath, they were exhorted to exercise discipline, promote Christian principles and values and obey the university authorities.

Senyonyi drew his sermon from Romans 12:1 about the Christian walk. He expounded on the mercy of God and the never-ending forgiveness he has for his children.

He said forgiveness makes living possible but ounce they accept Christ then they have to learn to fight the flesh since their bodies now belong to the Lord.

Senyonyi also urged the students to be discerning. “It’s important for you at university to think critically. We provide a complete education for a complete person. Therefore you are not here  only to get papers.”

After community worship, the new students were treated to a special luncheon held at the Old Football Ground.

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