Advent Semester paracounselling training ends


This Advent Semester’s paracounselling programme has ended. The training, which began in September, covered topics such as basic counselling skills, financial management, anger management, abortion, and sexuality, among others.

Mr Joseph Musaalo, the head of the counselling department at Uganda Christian University, said that the numbers have continued to grow and he encourages more students and staff to register for the next intake, which will be in the Easter Semester of 2017.

The appointed chairperson of the programme thanked the department for designing such training for the community.

He said that the skills and knowledge imparted will not go to waste. One of the trainers, Tom Duku, who handled the topic of sex and sexuality, cautioned students to refrain from sexual immorality saying that it is the root cause of most suffering in the world.

“Sexual purity is in God’s design and desire. It is fundamental and important. Human sexuality has been altered but we need to get back to God’s basics,” he said, adding that the Western culture of disrespecting one’s gender should not influence our behaviour.

Dr John Senyonyi, who was the chief guest at the closing ceremony, appreciated the counselling staff for the training of the students because it is in turn helping the entire community.

“We should all highly value the training they we get here because each and everyone needs the counselling service. Professional counsellors are rare in Uganda but it does not mean that the knowledge you have received is not helpful. Many people out there need your help,” he said.

Senyonyi added that everybody needs guidance and counselling because on a daily basis, people do get different problems. They need to make decisions with guidance.

“We have seen the growth of the counselling profession and we now know its importance in this country,” he said. Senyonyi said that there will always be an opportunity to touch someone’s life.

He thus urged the trainees to reach out to the people around them. “Do not be deceived by the looks people wear. Everyone is struggling with something and so your help comes into play effectively here,” he said.

He thanked the students for sparing their time to study the short course, and then officially closed the training.

Vice chancellor hails candidates debate

At the same function, the vice chancellor congratulated Prisca Amongin for emerging victor of the guild presidency race.

Dr Senyonyi thanked the guild candidates Prisca Amongin, Maureen Akatukunda, for representing the university in much better light during the debate that took place in Kampala, aired on Urban Television on October 31.

He affirmed that the questions asked were complicated and difficult but he appreciated the way the candidates handled and carried themselves during the debate.

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