Arua Campus cultural gala postponement


The Uganda Christian University Arua Campus cultural gala was last week unexpectedly postponed due to poor planning on the side of the guild government.

The event, originally set for November 13, was moved a day ahead at the last minute. Mungusi Tubali, the acting guild secretary and minister of agriculture and environment, informed The Standard that the gala being the first of its kind, the guild met a number of glitches in the planning process.

“The budget was drawn on time but the process of approving the funds took a bit longer than expected. However, even the cultural groups asked for more time to prepare adequately for the event,” he said.

Rev Denis Ruhama Onzima, the dean of students, clarified that the funds were readily available but the changes that were to be made on the budget were not done in time.

“I also received information that some of the organizers were set to have papers on the day. Be that as it may, the cultural gala is set to take place on November 19,” Ruhama said.

The event will feature performances from the Lugbara, Alur, Madi and Kakwa. The performers will be competing in music, dance, drama and cultural exhibitions like food, tools and cultural wear.

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