Arua campus emerges best


The Arua Campus of Uganda Christian University has dominated the first-class list of the Sixth Part of the 19th Graduation at the university’s main campus on Friday March 1.

At least 394 students from the Arua campus, Kampala campus,  the Main Campus and Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo (UMSN) are receiving diplomas,  first degrees and master’s degrees at the event. 

Nearly 280 of those are from the Main Campus. Arua has 87 graduands, Kampala has two and the UMSN has 26. And out of nine graduating with first-class degrees, seven are from Arua and only two are from the Main Campus. 

The first-class graduands include: Godfrey Ondoa Asea, Abduraham Abima, Denis Joseph Ongiera, Florence Ujeyo, Robert Abaza Amayo, Fred Omony and Denis Ija, all from Arua Campus. They are all  graduating with Bachelor of Education.

Others are Irene Amongin, graduating with Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management, and Aloysius Bata, graduating with Bachelor of Development Studies, all from the main campus.

The Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr Olivia Nassaka Banja, said the dominance can be explained by age and the level of concentration of the Bachelor of Education students.

“Most of these people are teachers who have been in the field for long. They are mature and they know what to do; so their level of concentration is very high,” Banja said.

She said their dominance, however, is not an isolated case because it happens across all the constituent campuses.

Arua, Kampala and Namugongo are the only UCU campuses that still have their graduations jointly at the Main Campus.

This last part of the 19th Graduation has more male than female graduands, with the males forming 55 percent and the females 45 percent.

The biggest number of graduands has come from Bachelor of Education with 73 graduands, followed by Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, and Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management, both with 33 graduands.

Also, 115 of the total number of graduands are graduating with master’s degrees in various disciplines.

The ceremony is expected to  have the Bishop of Lango Diocese, Rev Canon Dr Alfred Olwa, the Guest of Honour.

Prior to his appointment and enthronement as bishop, Dr Olwa was the Dean of the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology.

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