Blending in peacefully


When we are born, we are without knowledge about anything. We are trained, taught and moulded by parents and the different surroundings we are subjected to in the growth path of our lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get acquainted with bad habits that later on grow into character. It may not be a parent’s wish for their children to grow up the way they themselves grew up but their actions, which the children watch each day, are louder than words. They look up to parents because they are their immediate and main role models.

However as we mature, we discover that not all the habits we picked up are the best for us. Many like rumour-mongering, stealing, envy, to mention but a few are actually corrupting. How then do we overcome them?

There is a saying in Luganda that: “Akaakyamaamamera, bw’okagolola kamenyekabumenyesi,” meaning that you cannot change someone’s character once they are fully grown. When you try to do so you will instead bend them to their extremely bad character points.

Unfortunately, at a certain stage in our lives, we ought to move into new environments, meet new people and get familiar with them. It is at this point that one gets challenges on how to fit into the new environment with people from different back grounds who were also raised differently.

This justifies the code of conduct documents usually issued to employees once they are hired. With or without such, can we still be normal, good people? Can we do what we ought to do as our job descriptions prescribe?

My suggestion is that when in a new place, look around, study your environment and try to blend in without oppressing or offending anybody, forsaking any permissiveness. 

The writer is an Ag. Administrative Assistant,Vice Chancellor’s office

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