I am the living story of every Karimojong girl

Hailing from one of the most remote regions of Uganda and being raised by a single illiterate mother, Jane Frances Abodo came against all odds in a society that viewed the girl child education as futile. Francis Emukule caught up with her to share her story, after she delivered a public lecture in the Anti-Corruption Week at Uganda Christian University (UCU). Abodo, is the ninth among 62 siblings. Her story has turned out to inspire many girls especially from Karamoja, she says. My story “I was brought up by a…

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Guild officials attend leadership conference

BY CLINTON TUMANYE Guild officials have attended a leadership conference that ran from January 4 to 7 at the main campus in Mukono. However only Guild leaders from the main and Kampala campuses attended. Different facilitators conducted diverse sessions aimed at improving the quality of young leaders. During the conference, the student leaders were sensitised on how to execute guild responsibilities effectively. Bridget Mugasira, the female warden at UCU main campus educated the students on various leadership attributes. Mugasira said, “Leaders should have a vision, ambition and positive values.” She…

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National Council commends progress on Medical School

BY FRANCIS EMUKULE The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has commended Uganda Christian University for meeting most of the prerequisites for a medical school. While inspecting the site of the school in Mengo, a team from NCHE noted that UCU had progressed well in trying to achieve its goal. Dr Innocent Besigye, a lecturer at the Makerere University College of Health Sciences who was part of the team, noted that there was progress in almost all the aspects in terms of infrastructure, human resources and ICT. “I think we…

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Expelled students celebrate victory against university

BY NICHOLAS OPOLOT AND AGATHA MUTEBI In a historic twist of events, two students of Uganda Christian University (UCU) have become the first applicants to win a court case against the university. The students, Simon Semuwemba and Yasin Sentumbwe, petitioned the High Court in Mukono in 2016 against their dismissal. This had been purportedly executed by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee in an expulsion letter by the Vice Chancellor on April 19, 2016. The resolution had been passed on May 5 and 16, respectively. However, the court’s findings were that the…

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UCU students win regional film awards

Yvonne Bageire and John Cliff Wamala pose for a picture with their awards (Courtesy photo)

BY ELIZABETH NAKIRU Uganda Christian University (UCU) students on Saturday, November 11, won two awards at the inaugural East African Student Film Festival (EASFF) in Nairobi, Kenya. John Cliff Wamala won the award for Best Director (Non-fiction)while the team of 15 Mass Communication students who represented the university won Best Feature Film award. The students’ production portrayed the life of the Batwa of south-western Uganda; ironsmith work in Katwe, a Kampala suburb; and Akampene, a punishment island on Lake Bunyonyi. Joel Kwizera was nominated for Best Male Actor; Tracy Kirabo…

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NCHE inspects Medical School facility at Mengo

Mr Ayine and doctors from Mengo Hospital during the inspection of the laboratories (Photo by Marion Bameka)

By Marion Bameka The inspection team from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on September 21 inspected the Uganda Christian University Medical School facilities at Mengo Hospital for the long-awaited Albert Cook Medical School project. According to the reactions from the NCHE delegates, it was concluded that the UCU Medical School is not yet ready to start. Mr Robert Ayine, a delegate from NCHE overseeing the inspection, expressed concern that the  UCU team seemed unprepared for the opening of the school. “There is no equipment like apparatuses in the…

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Climate change, aims for progress are inseparable

(Photo by Paul Wembabazi)

By Denis Birungi When Donald Trump decided to withdraw America from the Paris Accord and threatened to cut federal funding for climate change initiatives, little did he know that Hurricane Harvey would devastate USA in general – Texas and Louisiana in particular with such horror. His reason for cutting funding for climate change interventions is that “they have killed American jobs” and that climate change is a myth. Storms and floods have, and are projected to continue causing untold death and destruction across the globe. From USA to the Philippines,…

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Are millennials looking for shortcuts?

Patrick Lumumba, a Kenyan author of A handbook on criminal procedure in Kenya wrote, “You do not respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer.” Simply meaning before we resort to drastic measures, we owe it to ourselves to try other more reasonable solutions to an issue or problem. The trend for millennials, those born between 1982 and 2004, is to disregard the above advice and resort to looking for easier and more profitable ways (in the short term) to resolve issues, notwithstanding the consequences. A case in point: the two…

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The broken window theory and fighting corruption in Uganda

By Paul Wembabazi

By Clare cheromoi Seven months ago, while attending the international anti-corruption day conference in Kampala, organized by the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG), I noticed that two concerns monopolized the debate. One was that the fight against corruption has stagnated over the years; and two, that government action against corruption seems to be targeting the small fish only. The issue of targeting the so-called small fish in the corruption fight has been the focus of study and debate by many scholars, politicians and civil society organizations, all…

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Court objections no cause for excitement

Front page

The ongoing court case between two expelled university students and the university, over a student trike held, should not bring business to a standstill in our institution. It is probably an exciting event and time for the students, but it is not a final verdict in this case, and the ruling initially makes way for the court application and hearing to commence. Whatever the final verdict will be, time will tell. An incident like this is definitely detrimental to the image of the university, and it takes time, effort and…

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