You are as good as your subordinate

 BY CONNIE MUSISI In my recent visit to one company, I overheard a supervisor complain with colleagues about their subordinates. “Who does she think she is? I would rather supervise 30 men than this one woman,” she whined! She went on with her long list of complaints, “She does not realize that she is incompetent and she always responds with ‘I don’t understand this procedure’ when given a task. Since I did not recruit her, let those who hired her, fire her. Who told her that every Tom, Dick and…

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Magicians too yearn for divine intervention

In the Book of Acts 8:9-24, a story is told of a man named Simon Magus who had practised sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. Scripture reveals that he had continuously boasted of his greatness, and everyone paid attention to him and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” Scripture further reveals that when Phillip arrived in the city baptizing people, Simon Magus too believed and was baptized. When the apostles in Jerusalem later learnt that the people in Samaria had…

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The journalism of survival over value

A trip to the eastern Uganda district of Tororo over the Easter holidays came for me with a lot of lessons into the state of the media in the country today. During my short stay there I interacted with journalists on several occasions, especially at the local radio stations. Most times, their stories were full of grievances;.“Can you believe I earn Shs 250,000 a month yet I pay rent, have a wife and two children…?” “We work so much yet earn so little; “We are being exploited.” Do you know…

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Avoid chronic weaknesses at work

A story is told of a teacher who often turned in students’ results late.    When he was asked for the reason behind this habit, the man simply said that his charisma could only sustain marking one student’s script per day! This might sound strange but it is possible for people to only do work piecemeal daily, even though our innate strength can enable us to go the extra mile and accomplish much. One way to tackle the possibility of not putting in only the minimum effort into our work…

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Twenties are your gold mine


BY ALEX TAREMWA I had never been to the Source of the Nile until last weekend. I always heard about the spot that caught British explorer John Speke’s eye to pronounce with certainty  — that the world’s  second longest river started there. It is here that I met Joseph, a tourism and travel agent, who had brought clients from Rwanda to see the majestic spot. Having met before, I joined him and his guests for lunch. During our lunch an interesting encounter took place. A 23-year-old man from Kigali, barely…

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Co-operate with the road construction company

(Photo by Bright Niwaha)

The first phase of the road construction begun on April 9. The Uganda Christian University community has waited for the commencement of this project, for years. For that reason there is excitement about the fact that the mud and dust will soon be a thing of the past. In the process of construction, however, we should all expect noise from the machinery, road diversions and other inconveniences as the project goes on. The construction is expected to take four months. This means that the construction is expected to end in…

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The social and economic costs of school dropouts in Uganda


BY RICHARD SEBAGGALA The government has committed resources to increase the number of Ugandans with the education, skills, and training needed to drive the economy to middle income level. The introduction of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) are some of the steps to achieve this goal. That notwithstanding, there is an alarming number of students who fail to join both O-level education from primary schools. The recently released Advanced level results reveal that many students do not reach this level after sitting the O-level examinations….

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Savings crucial amid economic breakdown

By Nicholas Opolot Money is such a huge deal because it greatly impacts on our livelihoods and standard of living. Saving is a key aspect which needs to be taught to the youths, in order to improve their financial capacity. Globally the economic outlook is sluggish, our own economy is affect- ed by a decline in consumer demand, private sector credit is low and the low, global, commodity prices are cited in the 2017 economic outlook report by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Consequently, this chain of events has reduced public consumption,…

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Whose interests are you living for?

SOLOMON MWIJE. How often do you sit to think and dream about your life? How often do you ask yourself what you are living for? What about the interests and motives that make you get out of bed to go to work each day? Please be reminded that when I talk about work I mean anything you do that consumes your physical or mental energies. Therefore, I am not only talking about the working class, the farmers, the taxi drivers, or boda boda cyclists here. Rather, I am talking about…

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Blending in peacefully


BY DOREEN KAJERU When we are born, we are without knowledge about anything. We are trained, taught and moulded by parents and the different surroundings we are subjected to in the growth path of our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes we get acquainted with bad habits that later on grow into character. It may not be a parent’s wish for their children to grow up the way they themselves grew up but their actions, which the children watch each day, are louder than words. They look up to parents because they are their…

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