Right friends will shape your career

If you are really an ambitious person, then you want to surround yourself with people with a connection to something bigger. Always aim higher and associate with people on the next level.

Just because someone is a CEO of a company shouldn’t bar you from associating with them, it engages your reasoning and you begin to view things more maturely and differently from other people.

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Re-marking Policy rattles students

A few weeks into the Easter Semester, students of Uganda Christian University (UCU) are concerned about the Re-marking Policy.
The policy was revised to include an increment of Shs100,000 in the re-marking fee that was initially free of charge.
A number of notices pinned up around the university on Wednesday January 24, indicated that every student who desired their examination papers to be remarked had to part with Shs100,000 per paper. The students were also informed that applications for re-marking would only be accepted in the first two weeks of every semester after the release of results.

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UCU community embarks on anti-corruption fight

BY MARION BAMEKA The overwhelming corruption indices among young people have forced Uganda Christian University (UCU) on journey to combat this vice. Martin Kizito, the head of department of Public Administration and Governance, told The Standard that the university council on May 25, 2017 resolved that UCU will hold an annual anti-corruption week to condemn the vice. The department of Public Administration will spearhead the campaign. “The idea of the council is that as a Christian university we should not burry our heads in the ground and pretend that corruption…

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WhatsApp groups can achieve more

BY ALEX TAREMWA Motie Musiime, a former classmate, shared a snapshot from Facebook to the mass communication class of 2010/13 whatsapp group. It was the birthday of Joan Ankunda, a classmate who had passed on earlier in the month. The group, which is a little over a month old, suddenly exploded with RIP messages, most of which were from people who did not know the deceased too well. I was going to have none of it! I quickly swung the group into another discussion direction. I suggested that rather than…

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Twenties are your gold mine


BY ALEX TAREMWA I had never been to the Source of the Nile until last weekend. I always heard about the spot that caught British explorer John Speke’s eye to pronounce with certainty  — that the world’s  second longest river started there. It is here that I met Joseph, a tourism and travel agent, who had brought clients from Rwanda to see the majestic spot. Having met before, I joined him and his guests for lunch. During our lunch an interesting encounter took place. A 23-year-old man from Kigali, barely…

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What do I study to be president ?

(Internet Photo)

BY ALEX TAREMWA of Rapha Girls SS in Lira last week about academics, setting career goals, the value of university education and life as we know it when one girl’s hand shot up to ask a question. “I want to be the President of Uganda in future,” she said. “What subjects should I study to achieve my dream?” Her question knocked me off balance. I did not know the presidency to be a career but a responsibility born out of leadership. When I discussed her question with the team I…

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Not all policies are always good

I am a man who likes titles – legitimate or otherwise and I have accumulated quite a number already. That said, although this column will delve on policy issues, I cannot claim to be a policy analyst but I do not need to be one to tell a good policy from a bad one. Public and private enterprises in Uganda derive their operational mandate from clearly written and stipulated guidelines otherwise known as policies. Therefore, for a citizen to be a good one, or for an employee to thrive, he/she…

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We are the resident monkeys in this burning forest

A young boy once asked his father why the whole town perceived him as crazy. His    father   responded, “Son, the ones dancing are thought to be crazy by those who cannot hear the music.” This logic also applies to most situations in the world today. Often, because we do not know about the existence, functionality and intricacies of a particular system, we are quick to dismiss it as worthless or worse – a failure. Take Uganda Christian University (UCU)’s career outreach programme for example. For over a year,…

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Yahya Jammeh and how not to be a refugee

Yahya Jammeh, the former president of The Gambia (Internet Photo)

BY ALEX TAREMWA Last week, Rev Simon Feta, my philosophical friend, invited me to a four-day excursion in the West Nile region. The trip was meant to give students of Bachelor of Governance and International Relations a real-life field experience of   how bad governance breeds conflict and how international   players come together to handle its off-shoots. After    visiting the Rhino Camp Refugee Camp in Arua and Bidi-Bidi Refugee Camp in Yumbe District, it became increasingly obvious that the only way not to be a refugee is not…

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