Movie: God’s Not Dead

(Internet Photo)

  BY NICHOLAS OPOLOT Director: Harold Cronk Genre: Drama Run Time: 1hour 53min Released: August 2014 Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), a Christian and college freshman, is the only one among his class of 80 philosophy students, to refuse to sign a paper saying that ‘God is dead’. What follows is an arrangement by the atheist Prof. Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) to force Josh to present his arguments to prove that God is real and, therefore not dead. The college freshman delivers his argument by providing foundational principles to support the existence…

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Bakonjo crowned 2016 Cultural Gala champions

performance during the cultural gala (Photo by Bright Niwaha)

BY BRIGHT NIWAHA Kasese UCU Students’ Association has been crowned winners of the 2016 Cultural Gala. The competition took place on October 15 in Nkoyoyo Hall. Based on the theme: “Culture for holistic development,” the gala had various activities including folk songs, plays, cultural dress exhibitions, and cultural dance. The participants were evaluated for timekeeping, relevance, creativity, uniqueness, among others. A total of 15 cultural groups were involved in the event. These were: the Basamya Bagwe, Banyarwanda, Bamasaba, Bafumbira, Lugbara, Kakwa, Iteso, Banyakigezi, Batooro, Banyankole, Bakonjo, Baganda Nkobazambogo, Acholi, Langi,…

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