Odongtho’s tale of lessons in the media

    FRANCIS EMUKULE A discussion about the Ugandan media on the  political scene would be incomplete without mention of CHARLES ODONGTHO, the host of the Frontline, a political talk show on NBS TV. The third child in a family of eight children, who has grown through the ranks to become a force to  reckoned with, recently talked to The  Standard. I have been a journalist for 19 years now since I started practicing in 1999. My first story was broadcast on 13 March over Radio Paidah, a radio station…

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The P7 dropout who got a degree

  FRANCIS EMUKULE Nelson Henry Nsubuga was abandoned at the age of six, following the divorce of his father George William Miiro, now 82, from his mother Victoria Nakabiri, now 71. “This negatively impacted on me. My mother gave birth to me when she was only 15; and when they divorced I did not see her again, for nine years.” “Due to this split I was not able to attain an adequate education. At the age of ten I joined Primary One with the support of my grandmother who educated…

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Drugs that poison our neighbourhood

  BY TEZRA KISAKYE Elias Mugabe, a resident of Kawuga-Mukono, spends the better part of his day chewing mairungi- a common narcotic drug leaf. For the last five years, mairungi, internationally known as khat, has been his breakfast because it helps him beat hunger and stay awake. Indeed, looking beneath his ripped, pale blue jeans, I see a bunch of the leaves ready for chewing. Drug users display signs of increased alertness, excitement, energy, talkativeness, decreased appetite and difficulty in sleeping. Health expert Henry Mukiibi from Serenity rehabilitation centre believes…

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Morality on a weighing scale

      FRANCIS EMUKULE The Anti-pornography Act, 2014 describes pornography as, “Any representation through publication, exhibition or cinematography, of a person engaged in real or stimulated explicit sexual activities, or any representation of the sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual excitement.”       Shortly after the law was passed on February 6, 2014 the Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Fr Lokodo, led a crusade around Kampala cracking down on people deemed to have breached any section of the anti-pornography law. Together with the police, Lokodo went…

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Is theft a cancer slowly eating up the students?

Sometimes theft can be a predisposed gene which may cost us jobs if not checked (Internet photos)

I n 2016, The Standard ran a story about four missing computers and two projectors from both the faculties of Business Administration and Social Sciences. This semester the university has lost two projectors to theft. In 2015, the Mass Communication department was robbed and three cameras, a photo printer, storage devices and internet access equipment were also lost. From 2017 so far five projectors have been stolen. According to the procurement department a Dell projector costs  around Shs5 million, and if one is to monetize the loss of five projectors,…

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He beat the odds of impairment

Did you know that people with disabilities consistently report a good quality of life? Have you ever thought of what your life would be if you were disabled? It is quite an unusual reflection. But why do we habitually assume that the physically impaired people are unhappy. For one Francis Okumu, this is a mere misconception. Francis Okumu is a blind student at Uganda Christian University (UCU). He pursues his Bachelor in Social work and Social Administration. Francis attends class and goes for group discussions with other people. As a…

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I am the living story of every Karimojong girl

Hailing from one of the most remote regions of Uganda and being raised by a single illiterate mother, Jane Frances Abodo came against all odds in a society that viewed the girl child education as futile. Francis Emukule caught up with her to share her story, after she delivered a public lecture in the Anti-Corruption Week at Uganda Christian University (UCU). Abodo, is the ninth among 62 siblings. Her story has turned out to inspire many girls especially from Karamoja, she says. My story “I was brought up by a…

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Count the cost of pornography

internet photo

The Anti-Pornography Act 2014 received mixed reactions from Ugandans. Some said it was a waste of time; others were angry at such interference with their ‘freedom’. Generally, the vice has gained social acceptance and many view it simply as harmless fun. Nicholas Opolot and Francis Emukule take stock of the dangers of pornography and how it is ruining the lives of many. Anecdotal evidence shows that the Internet and mainstream media are the major purveyors of pornography in Uganda. With just a click of the mouse or access to a…

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Students exhibit contemporary, elegant artwork

(Photo by Elizabeth Amongin)

BY CLINTON TUMANYE AND ELIZABETH AMONGIN t is an intensely hot afternoon. The ground beneath seems to be pleading for mercy to the scotching sun to relent to some clouds for shade, to no avail. However, focused artists do not seem to mind the heat as they enthusiastically carry on in preparation for the art exhibition. First up in front of the art school building is Lenace Mukama, a third- year student of Industrial Fine Art (BIFA) at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono. Clad in a neat, white T-shirt and…

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