Writing one’s way to the top

(Photo by Patrick Massa)

By Elizabeth   Amongin While undertaking his A-level studies at Mengo Senior School, Semakula decided to pursue journalism in spite of not having studied literature. “I joined UCU in 2003 to study Mass Communication thinking my class had only former literature students. But during the lectures I discovered that we were all the same and not everyone had done literature,” he said. The ambitious Semakula made his friends wisely. While at university in second year, he met one Samuel Waigolo, who was at that time writing for Daily Monitor and…

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Why January semester is bad news to business

Stalls without clients in the recent January bazaar (File photo)

BY STAFF WRITER It is the Easter (January) Semester and  the majority of the university students are not on session. Students in the faculties of Education and Arts, Law, Science and Technology, and Health sciences are not on campus. Those who are off-session are thankful that they will have to rest for the next four months. They are happy that they will have time to make some pocket money for their next semester. This situation is however  bad news for the business owners in and around the Mukono campus, because…

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Resilience in the face of economic hardships

(Stuart M)

BY RICHARD SEBAGGALA Statistics from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) show that Uganda’s economy is losing ground. The year 2016 ended on a gloomy note for most people as a result of numerous economic hardships like the depreciation of the shilling, the rising cost of living, inadequate rainfall, among other socio-economic challenges. There is a general feeling among many that money is scarce and most people are worried about the future. As a result there is a recurrent discussion of how the year 2017 will be and how best many…

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Who determines your worth?

BY DOREEN KAJERU Life as people know it can get quite challenging, tough and absolutely mind-boggling! It presents to us with many situations, many of which are curve balls leading us to crossroads we never knew existed. The common proverb, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” must have been derived after a face-off with someone’s hurdles in life. Do these situations make us forget our worth as we drown in the sorrows of life? I was listening to a sermon recently and the preacher, in one sentence,…

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My memorable insights at the University of Cape Town

Geoffrey Ssenoga (holding a boom microphone) during a documentary film practical session at the University of Cape Town

Last   year    on   September 25, Geoffrey Ssenoga, a lecturer at the Mass Communication department, travelled to South Africa after receiving an invitation from the University of Cape Town Africa Film Fellowship Project to attend a seven-week training in documentary film making. He shares his experience. “Fees must fall,” shouted a group of student protestors in front of the University of Cape Town main building. They were protesting against the fees policies of South African public universities. On South African television channels, there would be nightly news images…

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Social media is crushing culture

BY DOREEN KAJERU Last Sunday, I was unintentionally 45 minutes early for church. Being the early bird I was, I looked for the most comfortable place to sit. But next to where I sat was a young man I didn’t greet. I love greeting and for the peace of my conscience, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t my fault not to have said hello to him. He had buried his head in the screen of his phone and also had ear-phones plugged into his ears. Clearly, he didn’t want…

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Froese: Pioneer and mentor of The Standard

(File photo)

On  May 7 this year, The Standard will mark 10 years of existence. As a way of celebrating that success, untill then every issue, we shall run a story of one of the persons who have worked here since  the launch. This week, we start with TOM FROESE, the journalist who founded the newspaper. He shares his  story with Agatha Muhaise and Elizabeth Amongin Dawn of the Standard In March 2006, Prof Stephen Noll, the   then vice-chancellor of UCU, called Froese to   his  offic e and told him…

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Janani Luwum was a man of rare courage

(Internet Photo)

BY ALEX TAREMWA On February 16, 1977, a man like no other armed not with a gun or a dagger but the Bible and the cross was assassinated at the hands of the then Ugandan ruthless president Idi Amin Dada. According to historical accounts, the Most Rev Janani Jakaliya Luwum, archbishop of the Anglican Church   in Uganda,  Rwanda Burundi, and Boga Zaire, had become a sharp critic of the gross atrocities  including murders orchestrated by Idi Amin. On the day he was killed, it is said    that Luwum…

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Auma writes to depict evil in society through literature

BY ELIZABETH AMONGIN While most students wait until they graduate to save money and earn a living, Rachel Hope Namubiru Auma, 24, a playwright, was already earning and saving at the beginning of her last year at university in 2016. The money she was saving would later help her stage one of her plays at the National Theatre. Writing a play and at the same time directing it is usually a hard task. However, for Namubiru this is  what     she enjoys  most. She has the passion of directing…

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The Netherlands through my eyes

Namutosi with her friends in the Netherlands (File Photo)

My experience during the Parallel Portrait Project Martha Namutosi travelled to the Netherlands together with her lecturer Nathan Omiel for an art exhibition at Minerva Art Academy. In the previous issue, we ran  a story of Omiel’s  experience during the trip. This week, Namutosi tells her experience The theme of portraying the elderly was a new subject that captured my attention on first sight through an email sent by my lecturer Eria. The e-mail was informing me that I had been selected to go to the Netherlands for an Art…

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