Co-operate with the road construction company

The first phase of the road construction begun on April 9. The Uganda Christian University community has waited for the commencement of this project, for years. For that reason there is excitement about the fact that the mud and dust will soon be a thing of the past.

In the process of construction, however, we should all expect noise from the machinery, road diversions and other inconveniences as the project goes on. The construction is expected to take four months. This means that the construction is expected to end in August 2017.

During this time the co-operation of all members of the community will be critical for the success of the project. Students, staff, and the contractor should all work together for the road construction to move smoothly.

In the rainy season like it is now, it is a good idea for us to mind the kind of shoes we choose to wear due to the excessive mud; and equal discretion will be required when the dust is on, during the dry season.

Since a reputable service provider Stirling was contracted for the project, we are hopeful that they will deliver the best job. Countrywide there are cases of roads constructed and damaged less than three years later. This implies that the efforts and quality were compromised. The Iganga-Tirinyi road that was constructed during the Obote regime is in better state than some that were constructed in the past eight years. Dishonesty among contractors and service providers leads to unprecedented losses, and other expenses in terms of maintenance.

So, as the construction company keeps their end of the bargain, the community should also come on board and support the project as we all co-operate for a better campus.

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