Congs to the law students, aluta continua!

Kudos to the law faculty and students for their immense efforts in lifting high the banner not only of the law school but also making Uganda Christian University shine.

The UCU moot team has been selected and will be representing Uganda in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition that will be taking place from April 9 at New Jersey Avenue, Washington DC.

The hard work of the faculty and students is very much appreciated, and such achievements are a strong selling point for UCU both at the national and international levels as the university enjoys the privileges that come along with such great and positive publicity.

Time and again, UCU has been commended for excellent performance in various fields of research and academic excellence. The faculties of Business, Mass Communication, Industrial and Fine Art, Save the Mothers, and that of Technology among others have all produced not only the best students but also are at the cutting edge of innovation and youth employment creation.

However, such achievements need to be sustained. There should never be a time when students and staff sit back and feel that since they are at the top, they have  made it!

For the law faculty, all the students should get actively involved in the moot court sessions, and make it more sustainable in future. However, the administration could also consider reducing the barriers to participation, such as dropping the membership fee of Shs50,000, which will improve their analytical skills and the level of argument.

The university should also ensure that the moot court sessions have enough room to accommodate large numbers of students to practice, and facilitate a research team for the debaters.

In the meantime, Godspeed to the US-bound team and for the rest of us faculty and students of UCU, aluta continua!

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