Court objections no cause for excitement

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The ongoing court case between two expelled university students and the university, over a student trike held, should not bring business to a standstill in our institution.

It is probably an exciting event and time for the students, but it is not a final verdict in this case, and the ruling initially makes way for the court application and hearing to commence. Whatever the final verdict will be, time will tell.

An incident like this is definitely detrimental to the image of the university, and it takes time, effort and resources to resolve, but we should all take heart and not forget that there is still other work to be done irrespective.

Students and staff that are recruited to UCU are aware of the university’s values as they join, and these cannot be compromised simply for fear of litigation. The values of diligence, integrity, and excellence, among others, that UCU stands for, will always come under attack.

Ultimately the situation is a catch-22 for both the students and the university. The students wasted time in the strike and the loss continues as they are now out of school, and have to expend time, emotions and finances to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The university also suffers time commitments and financial blows dealing with the situation, which is still unfolding in court.

Our prayer is for wisdom on both sides, and we should not be distracted from the other work of the university in due course. Let us concentrate and not lose focus of the valuable projects and activities that still need to be accomplished for the good of our community and be optimistic that the end result of the court case will be for the good of all.

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