Dealing with faltering faith in unstable times (Genesis 22:1-19)


who is a hundred years old? That may seem incredibly old to you.

But that is exactly how old Abraham was when God gave him another son, Isaac. No wonder they called the baby Isaac, because the name means “laughter”. Abraham and Sarah laughed with great joy when God promised them a son.

From this experience, we get to know that Isaac was a distinct child to his parents. Just as parents are proud of their children, Isaac’s parents were loving and proud of him.

Suddenly the Lord told Abraham to sacrifice the long awaited son. Abraham could not understand why God would ask for such a thing, but he believed that God would bring good out of that circumstance. Abraham obediently travelled with his son Isaac to the mountain where the sacrifice was to be made.

The most unusual thing of all is that Isaac did not say a word or complain at all. Do you usually complain when God tells you to do something? Remember Isaac obeyed his father even if the result was death. That took strong faith and complete obedience.

Today, there are many things that challenge our faith, for example; poverty, competition at work, diseases, and family demands such as school fees, feeding, among others.

If we are to be stable in our faith, we must in the first place listen to the voice of God. God said to Abraham “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he replied” (Gen. 22:1). Amazing! God speaks whilst Abraham listens and later responds.

Many times God calls and we pay no attention to his voice. If we are to be stable in our faith this year, it is important that we pay attention to God’s voice and get to know what he is calling us to do.

We have to be obedient to live lives of stable faith. When God told Abraham to go to the region of Moriah to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering, he did not hesitate! He would have asked questions like “Why, God? Why command that our  son be offered as a burnt offering? He is our special child and joy in our old age. Now why kill him? Why offer him as a sacrifice? There are a number of lambs we can offer.”

Occasionally, we confess that we believe in one God the Father Almighty, pre-dominantly in the Apostles’ Creed, but we actually  don’t mean it! When tests come, we disobey or shun away.  Living lives of stable faith calls us to trust in God.

Even though Abraham could not understand why God would ask for such a thing, he trusted God completely. We don’t know where God will take us, but this reminds us to put all our confidence and trust in God.

Unfortunately we are found of testing God first! Abraham believed and trusted that God would do something good out of the situation.

Therefore, invest in listening to God, obeying him, and putting our trust in him will not be in vain. He will bless us. But remember to stand firm in unstable times. You must have a personal encounter with God and his son Jesus Christ! Have you had an encounter with the Lord Jesus?

Rev Alex Kamoga is the Chaplain  UCU Kampala Campus

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