Doves remain optimistic


The Doves have beefed up the team in preparation for the new season.
Coach Nason Bwesigye recruited new players. Marino Oboke, a setter from Luyanzi College, has joined the team to assist Moses Odeke and Sharrif Masereka.
The team has also been joined by Vincent Odeke.
“Odeke is both an offensive and defensive player, and I hope he will help to consolidate last year’s achievement,” says Nason.
The team also lost Emma Mululi, a key offensive player. “The latter could not be retained,” says Bwesigye. “Emma graduated yet the UCU policy on sportsmen and women only qualifies enrolled students to play for the different teams.”
Mululi has been replaced by Marvin Rukoba a receiving attacker.
Mark Okurut, the assistant captain says, “The team is at an advantage because most of the players have trained and played together for long, despite the lack of enough equipment.”
Bwesigye hopes to lead his team to win the different championships this year. He also plans on engaging the team in regional ournaments including the Genocide Tournament in Rwanda.
The Doves are not only working to maintain the talent but also to have alternatives in case of injuries. This followed last season’s challenge where the team’s key setter Moses Odeke suffered a knee injury.
The experience of Odeke the captain is complemented by Sharrif Masereka’s. The team, however, faces a major challenge of a libero. A libero is key receiving player on the volleyball court. Nevertheless the coach and players remain optimistic.

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