Every coin counts


I am always fascinated by the way money figures are spelt. The more puzzling are the large sums, and I do not understand why Shs2 million would for example be concluded with the word “only”!

To me this is a lot of money. Why should someone say it is “only” Shs2 million? I mean, we are talking millions here!

The penny dropped,

 however, the day when I realized that every coin counts, no pun intended.

One day when I went to town to buy some stuff and I spent most of the money and only  kept Sh,2000 which I thought was enough to get me back to Mukono, the true value of money was realised.

When I reached the taxi park, the taxi fare had actually been hiked to Shs2,500 due to a hike in the fuel prices.

I was stranded, a lot was going through my mind, including the  possibility of approaching a random person to ask for Sh500 top up. But this was the last thing I could do because today Ugandans are so sceptical about helping strangers.

I had no option but to confront the conductor. “After all he is human,” I thought to myself. Unfortunately with a stone face, he told me, “Kubulako ebitano,” (loosely translating to, “It is less by Shs500”) and confidently refused to transport me.

When I tried two taxis and  there was no positive response, I realized that however small the amount of money, you have to look at it with a lot of value because its presence can make your life easier or harder.

So I made a call to a friend of mine, narrated my story and she sent me the money.

What caught my attention most in this exchange was her observation that “every coin counts.”

One shilling cannot be more than one shilling unless something is added to it.

Funny thing is, you never know this fact until it has happened to you. So the next day my friend  who helped with money while I was stuck went through the same exact challenge it was my turn to remind them that every coin counts.

A lot of people do not see the sense in keeping Sh50 or Sh100 and as such they decide to ignore these small coins.

For whoever is reading this small piece of communication, there is nothing like little money. Value every penny.

And another lesson is, be prepared always.

Finally what goes around comes around – we all need one another. So help out where and when you can.

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