Finalists advised on professionalism


The Career and Placement Officehas organized various workshops for students, in a bid to groom and polish finalists who are soon joining the job market. The office invited professionals to guide students on ethics, etiquette and professionalism.

Ms Connie Musisi, the Career and Placement officer at UCU, cautioned the students on discipline while at work. She advised them to respect authority when hired and always attach value to the work they are assigned.

“There are common traits and factors that human resource managers seek from employees, especially graduates. These include having realistic goals and expectations, respecting fellow workers, great customer care, being good team players and having  the right attitude towards  different tasks,” she said.

She added that students ought to embrace good personality, try to fit in with others, be good listeners and followers, not try to change the culture of  a place, and always be clad  in professional attire.

“Also, be involved in your work, value it and try as much as they can to multi task. Never tell your boss that you cannot do something unless you have tried it out first,” she said.

Paul Kireta, the training manager at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, also cautioned the students on etiquette while at work with great emphasis on one’s body hygiene and  language.“Your body language is very clear and speaks louder than words. So do not fall victim of bad body language,” he said.

While guiding on how to conduct oneself during interviews, Kireta emphasized that one ought to be confident, well organised and smart.

“And when you are hired, ensure that your personal hygiene is in check. Mind the appearance of the hair, nails, armpits, and hairstyle, make- up and your phone etiquette,” he said.

Other speakers included Alex Taremwa, the CEO of The Transparent, an online magazine; and James Muhwezi from the Microfinance Support Centre.In attendance were finalist students of Bachelor of Business Administration , Procurement and Logistics, and Nursing, among others.


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