Perhaps you remember the time when you came in as a freshman too? The excitement, the look on your face as one gearing up for adventure, the new environment, and the freedom! It’s like they have conquered the world – that’s how they see it anyway. (Muffled giggles here – but the continuing students and staff instead see grand-greenness full on! Welcome all the same, dear freshers! Don’t mind us oldies!

This edition’s excitement is not from the freshmen of the university but the ‘police freshman’. Apparently one newbie at the law keeping station cited standard staff taking photos for the next edition and thought it wise to throw around a dose of pompous ego. The identification and introduction of the staff member to the police did not suffice and soon the Standard staff was being manhandled

This cheesy movie makes the perfect weekend getaway for those that really want to spend a quiet and comfortable time at home.

Based on a true life event and set in the World War II era, Antonina and Jan Zabinski are your average married couple.
Together, they passionately manage a zoo in the middle of nowhere in Warsaw, Poland. For a while, the animal sanctuary looks ideal and magical as we get to see her son sleep soundly with adorable lion cubs. She even goes ahead to muse that she loves and trusts animals so much that ‘you can look into their eyes and you know exactly what’s in their hearts’.

This fairytale is short-lived when bombs start dropping, owing to the German invasion of Poland and her beloved city besieged.

and ordered to take his shoes off at the police station. Uh, who knew that the days of “toa viatu”and “kaa chini” are now with us at UCU!

A rescue party from the newsroom was also treated to strutting peacock style and a law defence lecture – crazy and dramatic story this! Fly on the wall thinks it is time for memo reminders, and refresher courses for university administrative and teaching staff about their servanthood position! Ok, I give credit to those doing the job with love and heart. But that will not stop me from buzzing around with gladness, looking out for some of the culprits that treat people unfairly.

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