Forget the knots, the hex tie is here


Some males struggle with even the basic knot of neckties, and so relegate the accessory to weddings and business meetings.

Well, they need worry no more now that the hex-tie is here. It is the new style that will solve all your tie struggles.

Enrique Alejandro Peral has re-invented the old and boring neck tie into an accessory that every modern man would love to flaunt!

A hex-tie is a blend of different patterns based on fabrics that add a precious touch to the tie surface.

The collection is made up of four solid colours and eight different types of decorations combined with recalling old-style hexagonal concrete floor tiles.

No longer are men confined to the thick neckties that had material which nearly strangled them even in immense heat, the hex-tie is a solution to every modern man’s lifestyle woes. You no longer have to spend a lot of time matching the tie with the suit, but you can still stand apart from the crowd.

The hex-tie will work to deliver nothing less than a unique and eye-catching product that is sure to be a good conversation starter.

From the unique designs to the amazing packaging, it is recreating the world of fashion in a whole new way.

Another factor that contributes to the uniqueness of the hex-tie is the material used to create one of these beauties. Most of them consist of lightweight matte black polyester embodying the recurring shape with their signature hexagon on top of the sleek design.

A man dressed in a hex-tie would look more classy than a man in a bow tie. When I learnt about the hex-ties for the first time, I was hooked. I feel like all men needed this to look more elegant,

grab attention and crush the rest of the dress-down show competition.

Ronald Tumwesigye, an employee of Parliament of Uganda, said, “I first saw a hex-tie in a movie. It was worn by Tom Cruise and he looked very classy. I decided to grab myself one, which I got for Shs50,000.”

Further, hex-ties look more cool when worn with the waist coat only, than a full suit. I have to admit that hex ties make me more comfortable than bow-ties,” he added.

Well, the jury might still be out on this but with fashion, sometimes it is better to forego certain ordinary things and look exclusively unique. Here is to the brave trend-setters!

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