Former guild EC officials penalised


Electoral Commission officials who were being investigated for misconduct have been handed various punitive and corrective sentences by the Uganda Christian University Disciplinary Committee.

Chairperson Bob Festus Himbise and five other members have survived expulsion from the university following reports that they were involved in unethical conduct and abuse of office.

The Disciplinary Committee, after receiving an audio-recording of Himbise asking for money from an aspiring member of parliament in order to be declared winner unopposed, sat on 18 October and came up with resolutions on the matter.

According to a report prepared by Mr David Tusubira, the secretary to the Disciplinary Committee, a decision was reached to dissolve the implicated electoral body.

“Given the need to establish legitimacy and credibility on the newly formed government, the entire University Guild Electoral Commission 2016/2017 was dissolved and immediately replaced after it was discovered by the Directorate of Student Affairs to be mired in a lot of irregularities and corruption scandals,” the report says in part.

The report shows further that the committee unearthed the scam that involved guild government officials, and a few alumni of the university.

The disciplinary committee issued the following verdict:

Bob Himbise, the former chairperson Electoral Commission, and Raymond Lukyamuzi, the former general secretary, were found guilty of misrepresenting financial matters when they solicited for a payment amounting to Shs3 million from a guild presidential candidate, Perez Mwembi. This was contrary to Section 5 (ii) of the Code of Conduct Handbook.

Both (Himbise and Lukyamuzi) were also found guilty of uttering words and behaving in a manner which damaged the good name and image of the university contrary to Section 6(v) of the Code of Conduct Handbook. Consequently, Bob Himbise and Raymond Lukyamuzi were suspended for a year and a semester, respectively.

Mwembi, the guild president aspirant was cautioned and instructed to resolve his academic issues at the faculty since he had some retakes and missing marks, which disqualify him from contesting for the presidency. He was cautioned and asked to write an apology to the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee.

Julius Mugabi, the chairperson Class Presidents, was absolved of any wrong-doing and cautioned to exercise better judgment in his responsibilities as a student leader.

Queen Melody Amanya, the former finance secretary, and Derrick Kamanzi, the publicity secretary, were found innocent.

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