Freshers cautioned on dress code

The Director of Students Affairs (DOSA), Mrs Olive Ayo Birabi, met with guild officials and emphasized the dress code especially for first-year students.
As the freshers prepared for their ball, Mrs Birabi said that some minimum standards were agreed upon, which the guild officials communicated to the new students.
“Specifically, the students should desist from wearing short dresses or skirts, and very tight pants for the girls,” she said.
During the induction lunch that took place on September 21, Birabi spoke about the accepted dress code at Uganda Christian University. She invited a few students from

fallen on deaf ears because had dressed appropriately the majority of the female to demonstrate the students who turned up acceptable dress code. for the Freshers’ Ball “This is the dress on September 22 were code that is expected dressed contrary to from you,” she said, her recommendations. showing off students The students went in knee-long skirts. ahead to select the best The DOSA’s point dressed students at the though seems to have event, and this infuriated

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the DOSA further. “To me your selection of best dressed students is not impressive as they did not dress appropriately, according to the dress code of the university,” she said before giving out the prizes to the students’ selected candidates.

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