Grow your event Hashtag using the Twitter beam


I was one day amazed to find out that I could grow my Twitter community and also stream events with Twitter beam.

As an IT practitioner, I always wondered how I would share the events I have been involved in, and monitor the thoughts of delegates, and yes, my search led me to Twitter beam.

Using Twitter beam at your event is a great way to communicate with the attendees and get more exposure and publicity.

The way it works is that a tweet wall is created where all tweets are amplified, preferably on a project. Your visitors will immediately notice the big screen displaying live tweet feeds, and be continuously reminded to be actively involved on Twitter too.

During the breaks, the Twitter beam can be used to boost interaction between attendees. With tweets streaming live at your event, attendees can easily notice who is tweeting.

This will prompt them to react to the tweets of other attendees, and in time this will grow the tweet community for your event.

For one to be involved in the particular event’s Twitter beam, they should have an account with Twitter, sign in and follow the event’s Twitter handle.

As the tweets are shared, your Hashtag will spread far and wide through the Twittersphere. The tweet wall can also create a kind of fun factor, or entertainment for those attending an event.

People love to see their comments projected and shared. Through the Twitter beam you can also make event announcements easily. Important information like schedule changes can be displayed on your twitter screen.

A live Twitter stream can thus be a great addition to any kind of event, sparking interesting conversations, and helping you the organizer to build a relationship with the guests.

Even a small event might become a trending Twitter topic with Twitter beam. Try it out.

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