Handbag selection – the golden rules

The truth is there is a handbag for every woman, and every occasion. So, I cannot say what a perfect handbag looks like, without defining a particular lady and her style. I wish I could say that it should be a certain shape, a certain size and a certain colour but that would be unrealistic, AGATHA MUHAISE writes

“I want a bag with colours that are not hard to match,” says Bridget.

“I only buy leather handbags,” says Gift.           

“If a bag has no popular brand label, I will not spend even a dime on it,” says Samantha. (All the above not real names).

These are a few definitions of what a perfect bag means to different women.

At the end of the day, the person who is stepping out with that particular handbag is the one to determine the colour and design.

What we can offer here are a few practical and usability factors one could consider when choosing handbags:

Why do you need one? Of course, there is a handbag for every occasion.  A beach handbag will not work for the office and neither will it be perfect for the party. For example, for an office handbag, think durability because you use it on a daily basis and you do not want to replace it after a few days.

Even colour matters when choosing an everyday bag. It is always best to stick to the neutrals, which would go well with any outfit that you are wearing be they black, gray or brown.

Are you opting for comfort or style? Sometimes the most functional handbags are not very pleasing to the eye! What do you have to carry that day, only the money purse or you will need the scarf, umbrella and reading book to fit into the bag?

Crossbags and clutches look good but they can only carry your phone and wallet. So if you want to carry half of your bedroom along with you on a particular day, and the kitchen sink too, you will have to invest in a sizable one for that purpose.

And those compartments – you have got to love those compartments!

They save you from rummaging through one huge hole looking for lipstick, car keys, or that ringing phone! The compartments separate your items in an orderly way so you can get to any item you want to pull out in a matter of seconds.

Finally, invest in bold shades to help you colour block, or simply just match your shoes, and belt.

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