Here’s an excuse for wearing rings

History says rings were extremely popular among the Romans. There were certain rules in the fashion of rings which were strictly observed. Plain signets and bronze rings were worn on either hand, but rings set with stones were considered effeminate if worn on the right hand. Gold rings could be worn on certain occasions. Writes Fred Hidula

Until two years ago when Grace Kamede joined Uganda Christian University (UCU), she was not a fan of rings. Kamede told The Standard that before she started wearing rings, she even had a negative perception for young women who did.   

However, Grace’s life started changing when she got a friend at the university who loved the rings. Today she says if she leaves her room to go to campus without a chain of rings on her

fingers, she feels naked.

“Becky my close pal  lured me into the culture of putting on rings,” she said. “Today I even wear anklets.”

Grace explained that whenever she wears the rings and anklets, her fellow students in class get attracted to her because she exudes class.  “Many of them believe that I hail from a powerful background even when I don’t,” s he said.

Wearing rings and exuding class is coming at a cost for Grace. She told The Standard that each ring cost her about Shs5,000. Grace wears six on her fingers at ago which amounts to  Shs30, 000.

Edgar, a second-year student of Public Administration and Management, is another fan of rings. He says he loves putting wedding rings on his fingers because they put off university ladies who run after him as if he runs an ATM machine.

“The rings help me  concentrate on my studies,” he said. “I don’t want to have any kind of disturbance in regard to being  in a relationship.”

Edgar added that the rings are now trendy for him, adding that all his elder brothers wear them too.

A number of students and people outside there today  wear rings.

Joseph Musalo,  the  university counsellor,  explained that many young people who wear rings do it due to peer pressure. He adds that as a result of all this many are forced to copy the behaviour in vogue.

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