How to leave an everlasting legacy


One fine evening, my grandfather who later died aged 105 challenged me with a golden idea of leaving a legacy in one’s life.

In his capacity, he managed to ensure that all his children married and others got married by giving them the necessary support. He also treated his children with great fairness to avoid leaving behind a sea of family conflicts. But above all he was gifted in conflict resolution and was an invisible village judge for all sorts of cases that constantly emerged.

He was such a wonderful grandfather whose legacy is still as vibrant in my village as if he is still alive.

The concept of legacy is an aspect that requires rational reasoning. Some people hardly mind about what they shall be remembered for after this life. There seems to be a correlation between our deeds and ensuring common good of society that seem to be a spring board for leaving behind a permanent legacy.

Take for instance the Mivule trees visible in Mbale, Soroti as well as Gulu town near the stadium.These trees were planted by Semei Kakungulu.

One wonders how such a semiliterate leader then could think about the concept of environmental conservation for the common good of all people. Even upon his death, Kakungulu has left a great legacy behind applauded by many.

It is therefore worth to critically task ourselves in relation to what we shall be remembered for.

It is even possible to be remembered for bad deeds. Judas is remembered for having betrayed Jesus. Simon Peter too betrayed Jesus but later repented. He was forgiven through God’s grace.

This implies that Jesus’ saving grace has no timelines but is ever available to be utilized by all sinners. Let us all aim at legacies accruing from good heroic deeds. Such a type of legacy is rewarding and satisfying.

Let us be agents of great changes in our homes, workplace, courses, political spheres, economic spheres and all aspects of life. This is what will make society recall our earthly existence that it was not in vain but rather was used for the benefit of all.

However, this requires selflessness. Just like the old expression of living like a candle that consumes itself while giving light to others. Those who leave  legacies never enjoy them. The fruits are realised later and those who enjoy the fruits may even hardly imagine what   it took the initiator to leave behind such legacy.

That is why the Easter season should touch the hearts of all Christians to reflect on what our Lord and Saviour went through to leave an everlasting legacy that has saved the universe.    

To be an ideal Christian is to be Christ-Like. This position is by the grace of God open to all humanity. Let’s keep each other in prayer for continiously upholding this gesture.

The writer is a lecturer at the Foundations Studies Department

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