How to make the best New Year resolutions


At the beginning of the year, the excitement of setting resolutions strikes. Even   those whose resolutions for the previous year did not yield any single result,  rush to compile another list  for the New Year.

However, the challenge of making resolutions comes when the year is ending and you are not counting any achievement.

Failure to achieve sometimes invokes  self-pity and at the end people begin blaming themselves.

Joshua Muzei, an auditor at Uganda Christian University (UCU), says he doesn’t set New Year resolutions because the task isn’t a cup of coffee.

“I make plans instead of resolutions and in case I fail to realise them, I don’t blame myself and feel bad,” Muzei said.

But to a big number of people, entering a New Year without resolution is like giving up on life.

Solomon Mwije, a lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCU, told The Standard that setting new resolutions is a pace setter for him.

“I set my goals on the basis of the failures and achievements from the previous year,” Mwije said.

Lucas Gerald Agaba, a programmer  at NTV,  also  said  he  loves setting  New Year‘s resolutions. “After setting  my resolutions, I present them to God for guidance and that has worked for me in the past,” he said.

He argued that it’s always important for those who set resolutions to do both short and long term and to focus on a particular one at ago. When you focus on everything     at once, it  causes unnecessary anxiety,  he said.

How to make the best New Year’s resolutions?

  • Make realistic goals that you will afford to handle. For instance, you can decide that you want to lose weight this year, but in   actual sense, you do not want to stay away from unhealthy foods. Once you fail to achieve this, you  will look like a failure.
  • Stay away from negative people. We all have that one particular person who will always have a wrong   attitude toward  your life. It is better to walk away from such people because they will lead to your failure in achieving  your set objectives.
  • Stick to  your guidelines, It can be difficult   to stick to the same  routine day after day; but the best way is being persistent. When this is done, you will realise that there   is a change being made.
  • Avoid pressure. Do not have sleepless nights because you have not achieved a certain goal. Instead, mind about the comfort which your targets will create. If you feel like the goals are causing depression, go slow and do everything at your time.
  • Do not give up too quickly. Sometimes it is inevitable to fail such that we can learn from those very mistakes. Challenges always open our minds to different situations in life.
  • Ask for back-up where necessary, in case there is that one person or people you trust, talk to them if need arises. It can get overwhelming especially when the set targets are a little unrealistic.
  • It is advisable to ask for help especially when it becomes difficult to handle.
  • Set a schedule, if at all one of the resolutions involves fitness; do not say that you have no time because that is simply laziness. No one ever has time for everything. You have got to create or find the time for what you are supposed to do.
  • Learn to award yourself.This will encourage you to work harder. It may seem ridiculous but this can be a better way of motivating yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a particular friend or family member to  whom you   can  also be accountable.

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