How to relate with yourself


Communication is mostly between people, but we also need to  give careful thought to communication within ourselves, connecting to our feelings and ideas, to create  harmony.

I am convinced that proper communication with oneself determines one’s happiness.

Also, one can have all the money in the world and every  luxurious item. If one does not have good communication with oneself, this   may lead to a failure to understand those around one.

First and foremost, you must understand yourself. This is usually underestimated, which should not be the case. Think about it this way, when you  start a conversation, you  do not know what  to expect from the other party. This could cause frustration, because you did not get what you expected from the interaction.

Remember, other people cannot read our mind. We are the ones that must translate our thoughts  by communicating them such that others can understand us.

The benefit of understanding yourself is that you are able to control your feelings. Take time to know  yourself and  you will feel much better about  things happening in your life.

When  you ask yourself tough questions about what you want out of life, and how you can solve some problems, you may be facing, you learn to honestly deal with issues at hand, then you will be able to gain control over your life.

Once you master communication with yourself, you will not believe how easy it will be to talk to others and make them understand your point of view. In the process you will also learn to value yourself.

Even the longest trip starts    with     a  single step.

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