IT student arrested over theft at Ham


Samuel Niyetegyeka, a 25-year-old IT student, has been arrested by the Uganda Christian University Police, for theft. He was caught stealing a student’s handbag from the Ham Mukasa Library on November 1.

According to the police, the bell for closing the library was rung at 9:45 pm, and it was at this time that Niyetegyeka picked the bag belonging to Sandrah Nassazi, a third- year law student, and took off. Nassazi ran after him screaming for help.

As he approached the exit to the library, Simon Muvule, a library attendant, grew suspicious from the commotion and ran out to alert the guild Electoral Commission officials who were nearby. They, together with security guards, intercepted Niyetegyeka, arrested him and handed him to the UCU police.

The police file number: FDREF18/01/11/2016, Niyetegyeka is not a first-time offender.

“He has a pending case in court over a stolen HP laptop, which he picked from his friend’s room at Fema Hostel. It was recovered from him and it is now an exhibit at Mukono Police Station,” the file reads.

The OC of the University Police, Detective Keith Tumwine, cautions students to be vigilant about their property.

“There have been rampant burglaries and thefts around hostels. My finding is that students are negligent when locking their doors, which makes it easy for thieves to unlock and enter,” Tumwine said.

“Student administration should also rein in student perpetrators of cases in the library in order to set an example to the rest who would be contemplating such bad behaviour,” he added.


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