Leadership is primarily functional – Obwoya


The National Team Leader of Life Ministry, Dr Dickson Obwoya, has urged Christians to emulate Jesus’ leadership example by being good servant leaders.

“Leadership is primarily functional and any position that one is entrusted with is only a platform to exercise the function of service in that particular position,” he said.

This was during the Trinity Semester leadership conference week at both the main campus and Kampala campus held from June 18 to 25, under the theme: “Transformed lives for servant leadership”.

Obwoya said that some leaders want to appear bigger than life by showing off; as opposed to a servant leader who uses his power not to show off but graciously to benefit others in the context of fulfilling his mission in life.

“The problem we have now is not leadership, but the people occupying positions. Some leaders specialise in causing pain to others. They tend to be on the mission of finishing the unfinished work of the devil,” Obwoya said.

He added that the world today is composed of insecure leaders who need to be protected from their own failures because they have the privilege of using taxpayers’ money for their selfish interests.

“They even have bodyguards! If you are secure, why would you need bodyguards? The world is looking for leaders but God is looking for servants whose service is a manifestation of their leadership,” Obwoya said.

Dr John Senyonyi, the UCU vice chancellor, while officially opening the leadership week, said that the leadership conference is an opportunity to reflect on yet another very important aspect common to both the life of Christians and the society.

“Leadership is absolutely necessary for good ordering of the society. We are grateful that the students are taking time to learn how to be good leaders, particularly bearing in mind that the majority of you will soon be leaders,” Senyonyi said.

He added that the university seeks to prepare its products to be the kind of leaders that reflect Christ’s leadership.

The event was organised by the chaplaincy office, and had various speakers who included Rt Rev Dr Joel Obetia, Dr Julius Twongyeirwe, Eng Paul Wasswa, Rev Latimer Muwanguzi, and Rev Gideon Muhima.

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