Make your church a place of belonging


Showing up on a Sunday morning at Church is good, but it is not enough. Church is not like a shop where you go to purchase what you want at a particular moment, and forget about the rest of the time when you do not need anything from it.

Spiritual development requires discipline and constant connection. Church is a community and as a Christian you have to be part of it all the time. The same way you feel comfortable and at ease at your home should be the same experience you have while at your place of worship.

The challenge is for us not to take our Christina walk and involvement lightly. Cultivate your relationship with God by being in close fellowship with fellow man.

Church is not a place where we go to beg God for a few favors. It is a place to get involved in the various projects and be of benefit to other members.

Get involved in Church activities

This does not only apply to the young people, even when they are the majority in the Church today.

There are various projects that the Church starts and these need your participation. On the other hand, you will find room here to put your talents to good use.

Every person has a unique gift that can be helpful in the Church. Participating in various projects will help you understand people in your Church better. These people we work with or connect with can affect your life depending on how seriously you connect with them.

Spend your time wisely

Many Christians are fond of criticizing everything instead of getting involved. They discuss and dissect the behaviour, mannerisms and even dress code of the Church elders, and spend a lot of time gossip with no positive yield for this endeavor.

If these same Christians would invest such precious time in the various activities, they would be spending their time more gainfully.

Church is a place where broken people run to. Most of them run to Church to seek assistance, they need a place of belonging.

When you take your time to help such people, you help them realise that the Church is a comfortable place that they can belong to. So, cultivate the discipline required for you to be a beneficial member of your Church.

Appreciate other people

It is common for some people to feel more important than others. However, Christians should not always focus on the negative aspect of everything and everyone.

Saying well done to your group leader will not hurt. Instead it will encourage him or her and let them feel appreciated. Much better than constant criticism, is it not?

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