Movie: God’s Not Dead



Director: Harold Cronk

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 1hour 53min

Released: August 2014

Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), a Christian and college freshman, is the only one among his class of 80 philosophy students, to refuse to sign a paper saying that ‘God is dead’.

What follows is an arrangement by the atheist Prof. Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) to force Josh to present his arguments to prove that God is real and, therefore not dead.

The college freshman delivers his argument by providing foundational principles to support the existence of God, in contrast to the atheistic Big Bang theory.

The two engage in a verbal exchange during which the professor does not fight back with a valid rebuttal but occasionally interrupts with rhetorical questions aimed doggedly at the student. Somehow this lack of contributory will waters down the merits of the debate.

For that reason, a number of critics have dismissed the movie as oversimplified, biased Christian propaganda.

They contend that it is a stereotypical misrepresentation against secularism and atheism, mainly focusing on unrealistic depiction, mockery and blatant condemnation.

‘God is not dead’ has also been condemned for being a one-sided propaganda feature that disengages people and insults other faiths such as the Muslim dad who is depicted as a control freak, unruly and unforgiving.

On a lighter note, the movie has many subplots, reflecting various characters’ struggles with the issue faith. All factors considered, the movie has its merits and it is worth a watch.

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