Movie review: Fist  Fight

Reviewed by: Nicholas Opolot

Director: Richie Keen

Written by: Van Robichaux (Screen play) Evan Susser (Story)

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: 17th February 2017

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 91 minutes

Although Fist Fight may not turn out to be our blockbuster movie of the month, I hasten to add that in case you need to laugh out loud until your lungs hurt, it is your go-to-movie.

It is the perfect comic relief, different from other cliché ones that distract us from enjoying and appreciating the small things in life because it has it all: happiness, sadness, drama and everything in between.

Spoiler alert: even though the title promises a good fight, this does not actually happen.

A soft spoken but well-meaning teacher, Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) gets challenged to a fight with a fellow teacher/bully, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) who was allegedly fired because of him.

Tension escalates as the fight date draws near. Both parties decide to get advice on how to win although it turns out their mentors badly want them to lose and be the laughing stock  of their students for being so ridiculously stupid.

You do not need   any critical skills of    logic to go into this movie, just your ears, eyes  and lots of laughter.

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