Movie Review: Me before you

Genre: Drama

Directed by: Thea Sharrock

Written by: Jojo Moyes

Runtime: 110 minutes

Reviewer: Nicholas Opolot

Me Before You is a romantic drama starring Louisa Clark ‘Lou’ as Emilia Clarke, and Will Traynor as Sam Claflin. Sam is depicted as a successful businessman in his mid-30s.

His lifestyle is fabulous, rich and flashy, owing to his obscenely rich aristocratic family ties. He lives in a plush apartment, and has a drop-dead diva for a girlfriend. With his well-paying job in London, Sam seems to have it all.

But by a dramatic twist of fate, he is rendered quadriplegic after being hit by a motorbike while crossing the street during the rush-hour.

The situation leaves him in the care of his wealthy parents and Nathan, his caretaker nurse. He wants to end his life, but then he meets Emilia who after losing her job at the bake shop finds herself assigned to be Sam’s caretaker.

Emilia puts up with the tantrums and violent outbursts of a quadriplegic that she soon comes to love, but whose only desire in life is assisted suicide.

All in all, the movie’s plot is not very dramatic, and the sub-plots such as Emilia’s nagging boyfriend, feel like an excuse to disguise the blown-outof-proportion script.

Such elements even distract from main ideas like whether the disabled should consider suicide, and if possible be assisted. Serious questions to ponder, when you watch the movie.

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