Office mannerisms; we all have them


  Anyone who is already in employment will observe that workplaces are full of different dynamic characters, each contributing to progress in their own way.

These colleagues display characteristics that are unnervingly similar to someone we have encountered somewhere else in our lives before.

The workaholic

The workaholic is always the earliest to arrive and latest to leave office. He/she considers the office as their permanent residence. They are usually highly productive

People who spend time glued to their to their seats and proficiently attend to all the messages or emails within a short span. They are the kind you will respect and pity, all at the same time because they actually barely have time for themselves.

The latecomer

Every workplace has the typical latecomer who never shows up on time which delays the schedule for the entire team. Ironically, some of them are really good at what they do and get to deliver in time but they stall business for everyone especially in a team-work oriented setting.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="719"] Gossip at work can spark off a fight or quarrel (Internet photo)[/caption]

The gossip monger

Then there is the negative energy that can never have any secret hidden from them.

They know everything about everyone and the office politics. Sometimes it is as though they do it for a living so much that without them, life in the office wouldn’t be complete because such people are the ones you can turn to for bits of interesting news in the office space, not until they are spreading your story to everyone else.

Boss’s favourite

The boss’s favourite employee will do anything and everything to get into the boss’s good books be it a promotion or a pay-hike. They become overly submissive to their bosses.

The grumpy face

This kind of colleague with the worst customer care who is rude, meek and whines about everything. They are negative energy that are the reason as to why customers flee.

The ssenga

This one will give you free advice on anything and everything. She will make it her business to fix your problems whether you like it or not.

The intruder

This type of colleague loves to interfere in your matters even if that does not concern them personally or professionally.

The storyteller

They are not exactly gossips but they are loud and they assume to know it all.

You may not know this person well but they will immediately launch into a tale of last night’s soccer match, a movie intrigue, and possibly the murder that happened in the neighbourhood last night.

The loud singer

This kind plays music loud from their computers and don’t mind if their colleagues are affected. In the event that they are wearing headphones, they are singing out loud to the agony of everyone else.

So which one are you?

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