Olila one up on Lady Cardinals

After failing to reach the finals of the Uganda Cup having drawn 2-2 and being ejected on penalty shoot-outs by Olila SS, many regard the season as a gone case for the Lady Cardinals, FRED HIDULA writes.

However, although the team failed to win silverware this season, we   ought to give them credit for their hard work and dedication.

First of all, the girls made it to the FUFA Elite Women League finals for the very first time ever. And their loss to three-time defending champions Kawempe Muslim SS was without a doubt an experience to learn from. Kawempe    possesses a number of quality  players and our team did their best too.

Olila, who defeated the Lady Cardinals to book themselves a place in the final of the Uganda Cup, were second runners-up in the Elite league, a factor that suggests they are not a team to be underestimated either.

The mileage that our team has given us this season should be a learning tool for us to further support them and urge them to work harder next season.

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