Produce graduates with relevant skills – Majaliwa


The Prime Minister of Tanzania, Mr Kassim Majaliwa, has challenged education institutions to produce graduates with relevant skills and knowledge.

“Today’s graduate should be competitive enough to meet the needs of the labour market at the national, regional, and international level,” he said while opening of the 12th Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Exhibition that took place at Mnazi Mmoja Grounds in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from July 26 to 29.

At the event, organized by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) under the theme “Higher Education and Industrialization,” Majaliwa said institutions need also  to review their programmes and curricula, drawing inspiration from the industrialization priorities of the region.

“Most of Africa’s large population is in rural areas. It is therefore the role of higher education institutions to liberate the majority of the poor Africans by providing quality and relevant education,” he added.

He further challenged higher institutions to work together to achieve greater impact.

“I believe that through the exhibition you have been able to interact amongst yourselves and establish networks for collaborations.

There is not a single institution that is capable of confronting the current global challenges on its own.”   

Majaliwa commended Uganda Christian University (UCU) for being the only Ugandan university that qualifies to participate in the TCU exhibition and for being a notable Christian university in East Africa. 

Mr Riziki Pembe Juma, the minister of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar for Education and Vocational Training who closed the exhibition, noted that any institution that does not live up to the required standards should not be accredited.

“The need for provision of quality education for our people is not by trial and error. It is high time we seriously considered the role of higher education in the industrialization of our country for social and economic transformation.”

“The region’s education system should thus produce graduates who are creative, innovative, trustworthy and have a sense of concern for others,” he concluded.

The UCU team, which included Christa Kyomya Oluka (the admissions manager), Michael Mubangizi (the Communications and Marketing manager), among others, interacted with UCU alumni in Tanzania.

The exhibition attracted over 80 higher education institutions as well as regulatory, professional and research bodies from East Africa and beyond. 

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