Provide condoms in halls – students

A section of students of Uganda Christian University (UCU) have requested Allan Galpin Health Centre to provide for them condoms in the halls of residence.

In a note presented to the Director Health Services on Wednesday, June 13, the students asked the authorities to “stop pretending not to know” that they engage in sexual activities.

“You are very well aware that we engage in sexual activities and we shall continue to do so,” the note read in part.

“So as we ladies from Sabiiti hall, we need female condoms and even pills.”

In his response, Dr Mulindwa promised to forward the matter to higher authorities for further scrutiny and decision making.

“It is not Allan Galpin alone that can decide on this. It is the entire university authorities. I am going to present it to the rightful forum to see how we can address it,” he said.

“I am not promising that I will provide you with them, however, you also need to remember that when you were joining the university, you choose your instruments of identity,” he added.

He concluded by urging the students to desist from sexual activities, saying that sex should be preserved only for married couples.

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