Edward Kalema

Its only Uganda and Nigeria that represented Africa at the FUBA 3X3 World Cup. How does it feel like representing your country and Africa at large?

It feels really nice to represent Uganda and I was overwhelmed that I was chosen because I was the only UCU player that got the call.

Did you expect to be called for the national team?

No. I never expected to be called because there were very many players who were called upon but thank God that I was chosen.

Uganda was placed in Pool C which was also considered to be the “Group of Death”. How did it feel playing against the reigning world champions Russia and two-time world winners USA?

Our first game was with Russia and we were so nervous because we were playing against the defending champions and they were really skilled and good. But we noticed that basketball is the same only that they were talented and knew what to do.

Did you learn anything from them?

A lot. Me I learnt a lot from them and I also took some clips that I will use to correct my game. I see and make sure that I correct.

How did it feel playing against USA?

It feels nice. They are young players and the oldest in their team was 21 so I was a tough challenge.

What are your accomplishments?

As an individual, I haven’t won anything but as a team we have improved. The last time we went for the world cup were the 14th but this time round we were the 12th out of the 20. We improve every time we go.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="468"] First (Left) Ageno with her national teammates before leaving for the FIBA 3*3 World cup[/caption]




How do you prepare for a game?

We always first watch clips of how the  opponents play although  we also watch our videos in order to learn our mistakes. We also do a lot of training and that works for very team.

How often do you train?

It depends on the schedule but as the Lady Canons team, we train three times if we have a game coming up. But me as an individual, I train every day.

How are your biggest rivals at the moment in the National Basketball League and why?

A1, JKL and KCCA are our biggest rivals because they strong with good ball handlers and shooters.

What motivated you to start playing basketball?

My sister motivated me into playing basketball but unfortunately, she stopped playing. I used to play netball in my form 1&2. But the school I went to had two major sports yet I was into sports. So I started playing basketball in my senior three.

What was your parent’s reaction?

They were fine with because my father was an athlete.

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream right now is to play outside East Africa.

In case you have finished your studies at UCU, which team do you want to play for?

I would like to play for A1 because the course (Child development and children ministry), they do it more in practicals.   

What are you hobbies?

I love eating and I eat any food that comes across me and I love making friends.

What do you do during your holidays?

I love basketball and I always look for a court to play.

Talk about yourself?

I don’t really have much to talk about myself…

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