Road safety in Mukono lacking


Mary Martha Nanume, a student at Uganda Christian University, was recently involved in a nasty road accident at the Mukono Bishop’s Stage junction. She is now recovering from injuries to her face, having been discharged from hospital.

She is faced with the possibility of a dead semester, because she still has to undergo corrective surgery, but then she is one of the lucky few to escape with her life from the road carnage rampant in Mukono. Uganda’s 2013 annual crime and traffic report shows that reckless driving caused 1,252 deaths that year.

“As a result of such accidents, the country loses close to Shs1.862 trillion every year,” the state

minister for Primary Healthccare, Mrs Sarah Opendi , said.

According to the World Health Organisation, roadside accidents claim close to 186,300 children worldwide, every year. Of these, 500 die every day. We ought to advocate for road safety to reduce the consequences of road accidents. The zebra crossing at Bishop’s Stage junction is faded.

This should be restored to enable student pedestrians cross the busy Jinja Road safely.

The 1998 Traffic and Road Safety Act should be reviewed so as to adopt stringent penalties for traffic offenders This would improve driver competencies, and ensure motor vehicle inspection.

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