Save Viola drive raises Shs3.2 m


The Save Viola Campaign spearheaded by the Uganda Christian University (UCU) chaplaincy has so far raised Shs3.2m for Viola Nagasha’s leukaemia treatment.

Nagasha, a second-year student of Economics and Statistics at UCU, was diagnosed with leukaemia in April this year at Kampala Hospital.

She has been in Mulago Hospital cancer ward since then, undergoing chemotherapy.

A university alumnus and cancer survivor offered to connect her to India where she can receive treatment, and it was calculated to cost Shs108m.

The UCU chaplaincy, helped by the Guild office, have been mobilizing the community to collect funds for her treatment, including the most recent concert that took place on April 12 in Nkoyoyo Hall.

According to Rev Amos Kimera, the assistant chaplain at UCU, they

were able to collect Shs3.2 million.

“We were able to collect Shs3.2 million from the concert alongside other activities that were carried out like popcorn and juice selling, gift auctioning, among others. Even the following Sunday people brought vegetables for sale and we collected about Shs230,000,” he explained.

He however urges the community to keep giving because the collected amount did not cover even a quarter of what is need for treatment.

“We have not yet made much progress. We need Shs108 million and we have so far collected almost Shs10 million yet she is on treatment of Shs150,000 per day, and accommodation costs Shs90,000 per day. Therefore, we still have a long way to go,” Rev. Kimera said.

The chaplaincy is currently organizing a car wash from which they hope to raise more money.

They have also appealed to organizations like Stanbic Bank to contribute towards the drive.

MUK joins the drive

The old girls of Crested Secondary School, Kampala, which Nagasha attended, who are currently undergraduate students at Makerere University have also joined the campaign to contribute towards the Shs108 million for her treatment in India.

In a phone interview with The Standard, Daphine Nambimanya, Nagasha’s sister said the students formed an association and contacted the UCU chaplaincy expressing their interest in taking part in the campaign.

They are part of the team that is organizing the UCU car wash, and are organising a “Save Viola Concert,” MUK chapter.

Nambimanya told The Standard that Nagasha is still in poor health.

“She was on chemotherapy for 29 days and she finished just recently but she is still weak. She was supposed to be released from the hospital on May 5, but her condition could not allow it,” she added.

Viola Nagasha is a member of the UCU chaplaincy team, and a university warden.

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