Stop self-medication


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Members of the Uganda Christian University (UCU) community have been urged to desist from the common practice of self-medication.

Dr Godfrey Mulindwa, the UCU Director Medical Services, made this call while addressing staff and students during the community worship service of June 12, at Nkoyoyo Hall.

“One of the greatest risks of this practice is misdiagnosis. You may treat malaria when you are actually suffering from another disease,” Dr Mulindwa said.

“You also stand the risk of overdose when you do self medication. This may affect your organs and have adverse effects on your body,” he added.

Dr Mulindwa also castigated students over going home whenever they fall sick, saying it places an unnecessary burden on their parents and guardians who should be doing other things.

“There is a common tendency in this community of people going home when they feel unwell. But this may not be the best idea. Should we seek advice from friends or parents when we are sick, or should we seek advice from a nearby health facility?” Dr Mulindwa questioned.

“There are many stakeholders in this community that you can talk to when you do not feel well and they can help you, instead of going back home.”

Dr Mulindwa encouraged both students and staff to embrace and take advantage of Allan Galpin Health Centre for their health needs, saying the facility has no conflict of interest like the other business oriented facilities outside.

“Let us use the facility, which is readily available and accessible to us. It is a service which all of us are entitled to use,” he said.

He concluded that Allan Galpin is well equipped, both in terms of human resources and equipment which, coupled with professionalism, puts it at a better position to provide quality health services for all member of the community.

His presentation was part of the health awareness week, which took place from 11 to 15 June 2018.

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