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Uganda Christian University (UCU) Security on Saturday, June 16 arrested a student suspected to be behind the disappearance of projectors from several lecture rooms.

Moses Hilary Garang Deng, a South Sudanese second year student of Bachelor of Business Administration, was allegedly caught trying to take the projector from M1 lecture room on the Marie Lecture Block.

According to Flugensia Nakajubi, the security officer who arrested Deng, she heard the sound of the lecturers’ podium being dragged on the floor and rushed to the room where she found Deng standing on top of the podium, holding the projector.

“I was in M2 charging my phone. I heard the sound of this podium being pulled and I became concerned. I came over and found him standing on the podium, holding the projector with both hands,” Nakajubi said.

“When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was putting off the projector,” she added.

Nakajubi then asked for a university identity card, which he did not have. The suspect instead identified himself with the students’ registration passbook after which she called for reinforcement, leading to the arrest of Deng.

In his statement recorded at the university police outpost, Deng said he was checking whether the projector works because he was organising a movie night for the South Sudanese students in M5 lecture room that Saturday evening.

“I was supposed to meet a student called Joshua to have a discussion with him at the dining hall. On my way I decided to check whether the projector at M1 was working. So I picked a podium from the veranda, which I stepped on to switch on the projector because I did not have its remote,” his statement reads in part.

The Officer in Charge, UCU Police outpost, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Kenneth Mutaawe declined to comment, saying the matter is still under investigation.

But one of the security guards who spoke on condition of anonymity said the capture of Deng is a huge relief to them.

“Thieves have put our jobs at risk. Many of our colleagues have lost their jobs over such thefts; others have even been arrested. Recently one of us spent up to three days in the police cells when the last projector went missing,” the officer said.

Since November 2017, UCU has lost a reported five projectors, most of which were never recovered.

It has been noted that the theft mostly occurs been between midday and 2:00pm on Saturdays when either most lectures have ended or not many students are in the lecture blocks.

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