Work hard for 2017

(Stuart M)

The New Year is here and many of us have written down our resolutions. But some have written the same resolutions for a number of years in the past and have failed to achieve any. That failure calls for a change in strategy.  In 2017, you might have to take a few extra steps, including emulating others who have achieved, working hard and smart besides putting God before anything else you do. The simplest example for you to emulate is the team of people that sat down over two decades…

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The idiot’s guide to forgetting new year resolutions

BY NICHOLAS OPOLOT Life is a two-way street, as some put it. It’s quite interesting that some desire to achieve success whereas others are just not into the idea of making something great out of themselves. Let’s just say they are okay with petty mediocrity and don’t need to bother with any efforts whatsoever. They often say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Coincidentally, it’s the January blues where the nation is infested with acute brokenness from the festivities. The temptation is too high to give up since money…

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Be a gardener not the lawn cutter this year

BY ALEX TAREMWA Few people – and those are Donald Trump fans – can confidently say 2016 was an amazing year for them. For the rest of us, it was a lemon cake with sprinkles of icing sugar to cover up the bitterness. If it was not hunger here, it was a drought there. If there weren’t floods here, there was an earthquake there. Even at a place oozing nothing short of divine presence – UCU, 2016 left hallmarks of agony     when it sent also 75 percent of…

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The Insight: Taming a new year to prosperity in 2017

JOHN VIANNEY AHUMUZA January marks yet the beginning of another year in our life time. One cannot imagine how time runs as just in a twinkle of an eye 2016 closed. However, reaching the end of a year and joining a new one is not as easy as cutting a birthday cake. Many of our colleagues, like Mathias Nsubuga, a prominent national politician did not  cross. In that vein, I took the end of last year seriously and even celebrated it in style. I joined my family upcountry in Rukungiri…

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How to make the best New Year resolutions

Photos showing various resolutions that people make for the new year (Internet Photo)

BY ELIZABETH AMONGIN At the beginning of the year, the excitement of setting resolutions strikes. Even   those whose resolutions for the previous year did not yield any single result,  rush to compile another list  for the New Year. However, the challenge of making resolutions comes when the year is ending and you are not counting any achievement. Failure to achieve sometimes invokes  self-pity and at the end people begin blaming themselves. Joshua Muzei, an auditor at Uganda Christian University (UCU), says he doesn’t set New Year resolutions because the task…

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