Be a gardener not the lawn cutter this year

BY ALEX TAREMWA Few people – and those are Donald Trump fans – can confidently say 2016 was an amazing year for them. For the rest of us, it was a lemon cake with sprinkles of icing sugar to cover up the bitterness. If it was not hunger here, it was a drought there. If there weren’t floods here, there was an earthquake there. Even at a place oozing nothing short of divine presence – UCU, 2016 left hallmarks of agony     when it sent also 75 percent of…

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Dealing with faltering faith in unstable times (Genesis 22:1-19)

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BY ALEX KAMOGA who is a hundred years old? That may seem incredibly old to you. But that is exactly how old Abraham was when God gave him another son, Isaac. No wonder they called the baby Isaac, because the name means “laughter”. Abraham and Sarah laughed with great joy when God promised them a son. From this experience, we get to know that Isaac was a distinct child to his parents. Just as parents are proud of their children, Isaac’s parents were loving and proud of him. Suddenly the…

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