Chewing gum in church is an unacceptable habit

I once chewed gum at night, for fear of my young brother stealing or hiding it from me by morning. Little did I know what the consequences would be writes CONNIE MUSISI Two weekends ago I was at a local Church service enjoying the sermon of the senior pastor when I caught sight of his associate chewing gum! Minutes later, the senior pastor called him to the pulpit to clarify on a few things, and he did so, still chewing. I kept thinking about his unbecoming manners. What Bible college…

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Why appreciation is the most basic human need at work

BY CONNIE MUSISI Not long ago, I got into a tense debate with some colleagues on this topic. It noticed that I badly wanted to be appreciated for every assignment done whether home or at work, and to me it (appreciation) spoke volumes. During the festive season, I laboured to prepare for visitors a delicious meal – a  buffet dinner. It cost over five hours of concentration in the kitchen as if I was doing a Home Economics practical exam. All I got was an unceremonious “thanks” on their way…

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Finalists advised on professionalism

Workers join hands in teamwork at the work place (Internet Photo)

BY DOREEN KAJERU The Career and Placement Officehas organized various workshops for students, in a bid to groom and polish finalists who are soon joining the job market. The office invited professionals to guide students on ethics, etiquette and professionalism. Ms Connie Musisi, the Career and Placement officer at UCU, cautioned the students on discipline while at work. She advised them to respect authority when hired and always attach value to the work they are assigned. “There are common traits and factors that human resource managers seek from employees, especially…

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