Blending in peacefully


BY DOREEN KAJERU When we are born, we are without knowledge about anything. We are trained, taught and moulded by parents and the different surroundings we are subjected to in the growth path of our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes we get acquainted with bad habits that later on grow into character. It may not be a parent’s wish for their children to grow up the way they themselves grew up but their actions, which the children watch each day, are louder than words. They look up to parents because they are their…

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Who determines your worth?

BY DOREEN KAJERU Life as people know it can get quite challenging, tough and absolutely mind-boggling! It presents to us with many situations, many of which are curve balls leading us to crossroads we never knew existed. The common proverb, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” must have been derived after a face-off with someone’s hurdles in life. Do these situations make us forget our worth as we drown in the sorrows of life? I was listening to a sermon recently and the preacher, in one sentence,…

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Social media is crushing culture

BY DOREEN KAJERU Last Sunday, I was unintentionally 45 minutes early for church. Being the early bird I was, I looked for the most comfortable place to sit. But next to where I sat was a young man I didn’t greet. I love greeting and for the peace of my conscience, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t my fault not to have said hello to him. He had buried his head in the screen of his phone and also had ear-phones plugged into his ears. Clearly, he didn’t want…

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Advent Semester paracounselling training ends

BY DOREEN KAJERU This Advent Semester’s paracounselling programme has ended. The training, which began in September, covered topics such as basic counselling skills, financial management, anger management, abortion, and sexuality, among others. Mr Joseph Musaalo, the head of the counselling department at Uganda Christian University, said that the numbers have continued to grow and he encourages more students and staff to register for the next intake, which will be in the Easter Semester of 2017. The appointed chairperson of the programme thanked the department for designing such training for the…

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Uganda a refuge in the region – Odong

Odong speaks to the media at UCU (Photo by Doreen Kajeru)

BY DOREEN KAJERU Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Lt Gen Jeje Odong, has said that the country is a refuge in the Great Lakes region. “The role of Uganda is to provide security to the refugees. As long as we are able to do that, we would have made our contribution to giving a sense of continuity to the lives of the victims,” he said. While addressing the Peace and Reconciliation Conference of the Great Lakes Region, held on November 1, at the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology,…

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Finalists advised on professionalism

Workers join hands in teamwork at the work place (Internet Photo)

BY DOREEN KAJERU The Career and Placement Officehas organized various workshops for students, in a bid to groom and polish finalists who are soon joining the job market. The office invited professionals to guide students on ethics, etiquette and professionalism. Ms Connie Musisi, the Career and Placement officer at UCU, cautioned the students on discipline while at work. She advised them to respect authority when hired and always attach value to the work they are assigned. “There are common traits and factors that human resource managers seek from employees, especially…

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Are we a nation averse to tidiness?

BY DOREEN KAJERU “An airtime voucher is so light and small to worry about. If I drop it anywhere, it will get eroded or blown away,” many of us think as we discard the used vouchers carelessly. Littering can be defined as dropping rubbish and disposable material on the ground, grass or any place that is not designated as a rubbish disposal area or bin. All over Uganda, one cannot help but notice rubbish dropped at people’s gates, beside the road and in the trenches. Beautiful gardens, sports fields, classrooms,…

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Mind your posture while you drive

An image showing the right and wrong sitting postures while driving (Internet Photo)

It is often possible, when looking for the cause of back of neck pain, to ignore one’s behavior while driving. But the causes of discomfort behind the wheel are many, including poor posture, poor seat design, and bad road conditions. Here is how to ensure that you seating safely in your car: Start with a car that fits your body. When shopping for your car, look out for seats that allow you to adjust the height and angle independent of one another. Get one with an adjustable steering wheel, and…

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Are you in control of your health?

The chief donor, Mrs Tezirah Sebaggala, undergoes tests for blood donation at the Netball Court (Photo by Doreen Kajeru)

BY DOREEN KAJERU As Uganda marked her 54th independence anniversary on October 9 this year, Uganda Christian University commenced the Health Awareness Week under the theme, “Your lifestyle and your health: are you in control?” The week, which was spearheaded by the Counselling department supported by Allan Galpin Healthcare Centre, focused on addressing issues of alcohol and other drug use sensitization. Topics of discussion included the impact of alcohol and other drugs, the role of the family in helping addicts, overcoming addiction, addictions and your health, hope after dependence and…

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Graduands ought to be more proactive

Today UCU is sending you off to the labour market. Congratulations! Pause and reflect on the fact, however, that many have graduated  before you and  are still  in the struggle  of looking for jobs, especially  the  white-collar ones. The job market in Uganda requires fast, enterprising and energetic people. That means you cannot afford to sit on your laurels either. The above situation has been blamed on many factors, including government’s inability to create jobs for the youth, but you should not join the game. Be creative. Grab every chance…

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